22 March 2013

Revelation Theory: 21 Days

Looking at the clock. It was 3:50 PM.  It's time for me a few saliq who still have a strong feeling that perform your solah at of the end time is still good enough to declare you're a good muslim to make a move and perform our Zuhur.

I asked Faisal. How long are we going to go on like this?

He knew what I was talking about. He smiled.

We need to change man. He replied. 

He and his wife are going to perform their Umrah. And for someone who is going to perform their umrah for the very first time, it will be considered as one of the rukun and in order to perform it perfectly, you need to train yourself rohani and lahiriah or else, you might not getting anything from the place. Is not a 1-2 weeks training.   You need at least a few months to be fully prepared to go there.

Or it will be Just a vacation.

For the start. We need to perform our solat as early as we could and do it for at least 21 days.

Why 21 days? 

Journalism studies show that, if you could improve yourself on certain things "istiqamahly" for 21 days, you will get used to it and 90% of them will succeed.

If you find yourself so hard to wake up early in the morning. Try to force yourself for at least 21 days.  See the result afterwards.

But if you are trying to tackle your dream girl, just try for 4  weeks. If she is not interested. Find someone else.


That's my old theory. Hahaha.


KiTA said...

Teringat kata Cikgu aku dulu; "Kalau sesuatu perkara tu kita buat berterusan hari-hari selama lebih 40 hari, benda tu akan jd habit kita nanti..." - tak tau la fact mana yg dia dpt tp sama mcm theory yg 21 hari tu la... konsepnya semakin lama dan kerap kita buat sesuatu perkara tu, kita akan terbiasa dgn perkara tu.

*dan utk theory 7 hari ko tu plak. Boleh diaplikasikan ke tak kalo tjumpe awek kat FB? (awek yg kita suke la kan) hehe

Fuz said...

aku pun tak sure. tapi baik ambik 40. Tgk boleh sampai ke tak. hehe.

awek Fb gua tak main, so takde experience. hehe