02 April 2013

High Level Of boredom: It can be silly enough.

Yesterday I was on medical leave. Traffic, lazy and not feeling too well. But Datuk Dr.Chee See Choke said I deserved the MC. I feel not guilty.

I went to one private clinic located somewhere near Medan Gopeng Bus Station. I called first before I came, the doctor assistant said is ok to just come.

I went there, telling my name. But she said the Doctor was not around. Another one hour He will be  in. Oh ! She didn't tell me that in the phone conversation.

After 90 minutes, she called my name. The doctor is a good one. Saying hello and asking several things about my umrah.

He told me that actually the vaccine last for 5 years but Saudi Arabia cut it to just 3 years which I think is a good action.

I did some readings. All Umrah & Haji Visitors must have certificate for Meningitis vaccine before entering The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He injected me the vaccine. Just 10 second, I'm now protected from the disease , Insyaallah.

I saw the doctor writing up my name.Yeah,his handwriting was so cakar ayam.

Then, I went to the counter. The assistant said the fees was RM180. I just brought out RM150. WTH?

Now, I wonder how they set up the fees for the same vaccine at one particular clinic. My mom got the same vaccine at the same clinic for just RM150. My friend went to one private clinic in KL, He was charged RM120. My cousin went to Poliklinik in Negeri Sembilan she was charged RM1.

I'm now 24 and 4 months years old. I'm now applying for Medical course in India. I'll be graduating in 2017. I'll set up my own clinic near the clinic. I'll charge my patient just RM110 per shot for the same vaccine. Everyone will go to my clinic. And the doctor will envy me because his business will be running not as good as mine. He will be asking for some bomoh to pay revenge but I will prepare myself from any elements of syirik and kurafat. The doctor will give up and set up move his clinic to another state.

Then, I will quit . Mission accomplish.

P/s: Can you see how a high level of boredom during working hours could lead you into some silly imagination and thinking?


FARYN said...

ok la tu..dari u berangan nak kawen 4 :D

Fuz said...

Faryn: HAHAHA.

DussederFX said...

Imaginasi tanpa batas.Heyya Buddies! Lama tak tegur sapakan? :)

Fuz said...

Hey Ahmad, tu la lama tak tegur. Eh, kita pernah bertegur ke before? hehe

Primadona said...

Fuz cpt sangat gelabah.Ahamad itu akulah.Malas nak log out google account adik smlm itu aku pergi komen guna user name dia.Kebetulan dah lama aku tak singgah sini confident je pergi taip komen.hahaha