31 December 2013

1 Month

I started putting nicotine into my lungs since form 5. Not sure if the exact time was earlier than that. But I was just a light smoker as during sekolah menengah I could say it was just  for fun. Just to have some feeling when you suck the nicotine inside your lungs. Barely, kadang2 time dekat pekan. Kadang2 time dekat taman. Macam early sangat kan? Bad boys kan?

Like I said before, it was just for fun and I don't think it affected me much as it was just hisap kosong.

Then, I went to Matrix. Here was the on-off phase of smoking. No stock no smoke. Got stock , you are a smoker. Level of nicotine : 33%.

Then I went to University. I smoked a lot. A pack for 4 days.  Please don't blame me.

Since, I joined university football team, I started to reduce my dependency on nicotine. I managed to reduce it day to day. But there were times when you really need it.

My parents?

Naluri Ibu kan? There were a few occasions that I was caught for being a smoker. Indirectly. I never smoke in front of them. You should respect them . Every time I need it, I will ride a motorcycle to the nearby railways station and had it there.

And of course, even I was caught indirectly, they never miss giving lectures asking me to stop. They always said, why burn your money on stupid things? I never admit nor argue. Just keep myself silence until they stopped.

And now, I have been working for almost three years now. I gain money on my own, I bought cigarette using my own money. They never  ask or raise anything regarding me being a smoker but still I never had it in front of them. I won't and never forever.

Damn ah, 3.15 AM already.  Nak tidur. Pendekkan.

It's been a month since the last time I smoked. No matter how hard I need it, I won't touch it again. For my future health, future wife, future kids, future life-after.

Promise you.


5 years ago. Me, 1st from the left.


talkwithmykeyboard said...

Good Luck.. Moga istikhamah.. ^_^v

Selamber Rock said...

Good Luck!

K.a.m.i. said...

TAKNAK! Goodluck =)

K.a.m.i. said...

TAKNAK! Goodluck =)

nadia shaiful said...

come here just to drop some comment :)