13 June 2014

My great Companion at Al-Haramain . May God Bless your marriage my brother.

Minggu lepas aku travel ke Ipoh. Jadi best man wedding sepupu tersayang. 

A deal done. A journey to heaven. They just met twice before deciding to tie the knot.
It's not even pilihan keluarga or what. But alhamdulillah, everything went well and God's promises are true.
Good man for a good woman.

The most important thing She is from a good family.

Barakallah My Dear Akhi, I hope God will always guide you to be a good leader in your marriage. 


talkwithmykeyboard said...

Kalau bukan sebab pilihan keluarga, cerita la kat sini how they meet..boleh? ^^

Fuz said...

later la :p