03 January 2017

A gift or burden?

Satu persoalan iman sebenarnya.

I read Fynn Jamal status regarding her autistic child. How this thing keep me pondering over years . They didn't ask for it. Some of the cases do not relate to your genetic at all.

Well,  the correct word should be "the chosen one".

Autistic parents is chosen by the creator to be having the special gift in their life. It is unquestionably on how these special kids has turned their parents to. How stress they are, how painful they are , how strong they are to face the not so understanding community.

Same goes to parents who have an OKU child. Huge respect!

1. God won't test you beyond your capability .
2. HE will reward you more than HE rewards the others.

Kudos Autistic and OKU parents.

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