13 April 2017

Kebergantungan Kepada Tuhan

Sebut senang, percaya 100% dalam hati susah.

"Hasbunallah wanikmal wakil".

Ungkapan bukan utk semua org yg hati lemah.

08 February 2017

05 February 2017

It's the only reason you holding me tonight cause we are scared to be lonely.

If you are my follower then you will know on how I coud end my single life last year . But HE wrotes my story differently. 

Then, I choosed to move on. I decided to take myself away from this "love i love you, I think you're the one " word. Getting myself busy again as usual.

I even refused to know someone that wanted so hard to know me . It's not about not giving  someone else chance, it's more to HE wrote it , it's not the time. 

How I need to ignore and not replying someone who put her hope to be with me. I still remember how awkward the moment when Aqillah straight away came to my office from Airport just to give me the Man United Key Chain she bought at Old Trafford. I knows she's expecting something emotional in return. 

I'm happy for Eric (my housemate ) who got engaged with My Uni friend . I'm happy to know Abdul Hakim has found his soulmate and plan to get married . 

Who don't want to be happy ? 

Then, god give me something I don't deserve . She came into my life . So, it's gonna be another love story to begin I guess. I'm good , I'm ready. Everything is under his control. 

You control everything now, it's in your hand. I don't want to be so happy at this early stage. I will follow what You wrote for me. The timeline is ready Sejak dari dalam rahim lagi.

Yes, you might think. Cut the craps bro, tell her. Go out together for a few months and get married . 

Tempoh perkenalan x menjanjikan apa- apa. 

" Jodoh itu rahsia Allah. Sekuat mana kita setia, sehebat mana kita merancang, selama mana kita bersabar, sejujur mana kita menerima kekasih kita, jika Allah SWT tidak menulis jodoh kita bersama dia, kita tetap tidak akan bersama dengannya.” 

So , here we are. If you wrote it She's the one yg jadi amanah , I will do my best. I don't have much to offer . I'm not super charming, still struggling to be a good firm leader . 

Apabila seorang wanita telah kita nikahi dengan sah, dialah wanita yg diamanahkan oleh Allah untuk kita mimbang dan pimpin menujur syurga. Nasib kita dunia dan akhirat berkait rapat dengannya kan? Dia adalah jodoh yg ditakdirkan buat kita. Dialah wanita yg pasrah dan menyerah kepada kita atas nama Allah. Pada waktu itu, bagaimanapun keadaan wajahnyam siapa pun dia, macam mana pun perangai dia, sudah menjadi soal kedua".

But if you wrote it that her heart change again,  i will redha again. Your redha is baed on how redha i am. Cause i know, its not that getting marriage that guarantee my sport in ur jannah. its ur rasa kesian, its ur rahmat , and its ur redha. So, pity me Ya Rahman. I beg for one spot in ur  beautiful Jannah.

P/s: I'm not going to attached lagu Fattah Amin here, that's so not me.