05 April 2013

2012- Learning Year

How fast time flies. I told you already. Time is flying,is no longer ticking.

2012 had been a very educational year for me. I learned a lot.

Now, is already April 2013. At this time I don't know how on earth time flies very fast. Another 6 months I will be officially 25 years old. eh!

Being introduced to the Otai  of the half cut runner at the earlier of the year could be the thing I wish for to start a life in Kuala Lumpur. Just a coincidence. 

From a buyer seller relationship. I managed to become a very good friend of a few runners in KL. Even one of them is now renting a room in my house.

They have been teaching me a lot about how to run a car part business. I'm still new in this. 

Still remember how I used to tail ass them every time we go to half cut shop. Now, I can stand on my own. Go spending my weekend time for a few hours. Searching for parts to making some penny. 

And for a single heartless guy like me who are not in a typical mood to spend my weekend  hanging out with fellow friends, this has been a right solution for me so far.

I've been doing this for almost 8 months. Make a lot of friends. Most of them is malay. I have met a few buyers from Brunei and Indonesia. And also some Chinese and Indians .

I dare say that the idea to become a part time runner harmed me nothing except for having less time for a date?


The most important thing is I'm doing it for fun. Filling up my free slot.

How much I have earned so far from this business?

+- I could say , More than 10,000. To me it's a lot.But I just keep wondering.

Where the hell my money go?


FARYN said...

Duit masuk dalam perut :D

Primadona said...

Fuhh..duit kalau dah banyak tu simpan.Boleh buat belanja kahwin.hahaha. :P

Primadona said...

duit dah banyak tu baik simpan.Boleh buat belanja kahwin.hehe :)

Fuz said...

FARYN: tapi perut i kecik je kot.

Primadona: nanti2 la :p