04 April 2013

Intermission: HE gives us a sign.

Today I came in 9AM. Went to cafe for a cup of tea and two set of Roti Bakar. Went back to my place. Instead of walking on the first floor to see how sweet she is every day, I took the second floor. 

Why now I'm using the second floor? Nasyriq asked me.

I didn't answer. I changed the topic on how amaze I was to see Beckham was in the starting line up against Barcelona last night.

I sat on my one particular chair. There were a few things that need to be done and as always, I was the one to do it. Monday will be the last day for my best buddy to work at my company. My company will not absorb him as a staff. His contract expires this incoming Monday. I do not care about my work burden that will surely getting heavy . I'm losing my best buddy bro. 

Back to work.

It's the same anywhere, everywhere.

Faisal came back from nowhere. Looking me at my place, he came to me. From his body language, something not good has happened and like usual , I'm the one he's looking for. 

He said, his trip to Umrah this Friday has to be postponed. It's spread on the news that more than 70 people were caught a few days ago in Madinah due to a suspected spreading some deviationists which was spread by Al-Arqam a long time ago. Now, is actively spread by his former wife. I could see the despair from Faisal's face. From one to another. His excitement to step on Saudi's land is being tested.

I showed my sympathy by saying.

Don't your worry. Everything will be alright. At least it gives me more time to find a very suitable rayban wayfarer for you to bring along.- I replied.

My bos came at my place. Faisal went away. Conversation's over. 

3.45 PM.

Faisal came at my place. Asking me whether I have already perform my Zohor or not.

"Kau baik tinggalkan test tu dulu, jgn solat lewat-lewat, tgk apa jadi depan mata ni. Nak pergi umrah pun macam-macam jadi".

Make sense.

Do you know how emotional this song is?

Its already 1.29 AM. I need to prepare some proposal for my clients. It is Thursday. I guess time nowadays is no longer ticking. It is flying.  Like a jet.


FARYN said...

Insya Allah tak ada apa2 kan?
My parents baru balik dari umrah semalam..
takde dengar cerita macam tu :)

nurdani said...

ujian..semoga semuanya berjalan lancar

Primadona said...

Inshaa Allah,everything will be alright.Kita doa yang baik2 je untuk Hakim nanti.hehe :)

Fuz said...

all is well :)