03 April 2013

Traffic Light: Red, Yellow, Green

Seeing the watch. It was already 8.10. So, I'm late to office again. There is one traffic light just 1km from my house. Exactly on the main road. Seeing the traffic light dead since a few days ago made me wondering something.

Traffic Light = Belief = God
Road users  = Us = His slave

That traffic light has been dead for almost 1 week. Road users have gone crazy, becoming so rude, no toleration. Just because the law is gone. They don't need to follow the law anymore. Who are the rudest is the fastest one. 

I hope someone will fix the traffic light back. They need to be organized in this hectic life.

So does, their belief.


FARYN said...

traffic light akan dibaiki selepas election...sekian,terima kasih :D

Primadona said...

it's good to always remember Allah.Nice concept btw. :)