06 August 2014

Cerita Pendek 1.

Dipendekkan cerita, to be honest gua takde awek and i refuse to have one. Tapi gua ada kenal-kenal la 2,3 orang. But all of them ask me to do the thing that i prefer which is i need to meet their parents for merisik and etc. No need to couple2 or etc which is a good thing for me.

I asked my sisters. She asked a lot of questions about all of them but ended up she said, I'm also confuse and asked me to do Solat Istikarah which I have been postponing for 2 years to do because of the thought where you need to do all the solat awal waktu, ibadah sunat and need to have a clean heart before you ask for something

You wont ask for bonus nor increment from you bos if you didn't perform well. Lain la kalau kau ni jenis kaki bodek jilat sana-sini.

Gua: " Dulu lu kawin buat istikarah ke?"

Business Partner Gua: "Tak, tapi wife gua buat bla...bla...bla... sebab dulu mak dia memang suka kat aku bla bla..bla..tapi aku suka adik dia sebenarnya...bla..bla..bla...tapi aku bersyukur la wife aku agak islamic jugak nak dibandingkan dengan aku yg macam ni ..bla..bla..bla.. "

Gua: "Itu la pasal , Ko tau ape aku rasa?"

Business Partner Gua: " Ape?"

Gua: "Time wife ko buat solat istikharah dulu, aku rasa wuduk dia terbatal tapi tak sedar."

Business Partner Gua: "Cibai"


End up I'm giving myself 12 more months and not deciding anything yet. Kalau ada nanti ada la, kot terjumpa kat mana-mana nanti.

Tapi two thing for sure

When god says she/he is the one. That's the best for you although you might think there is someone better out there, you know nothing actually.

Good men for good women.

Sakit perut. Gua nak g tandas dulu . PUBLISH.


talkwithmykeyboard said...

if u have a time, bkk utube then search ceramah Prof Muhaya about Jodoh. Mungkin boleh jadi panduan or get some info.(tak tahulah if u dah penah dengar or tgk) :-)

Nur Atiqah Radzali said...

Boleh mulakan dah kot hashtag #misipencarian12bulan . Good Luck!

By Syawal depan mungkin dah berdua la ya. Boleh panjangkan lah kot kad jemputan kat sini untuk readers semua. Lagi - lagi yang ngefans banget ama kamu.



Cik Nadz said...

don't know y but i like to read this entry. tiba!haha