19 August 2016

An-Nur 26

After the last post, a few friends who actually are imaginary friends asked me?

"What happened? What's with the delay in expressing?"

Have you ever heard, don't make any decision when you fell you're currently a sinner?

I made an excel sheet just like when I used to do when i was a kid , you will colour the box to green if you done it, perform solah, istikharah, al-quran etc. But all the green coloured box will automatically turned to red if you have done something considered as not inevitable sin, then you need to start again.

I promised to myself, if i manage to make 60 days green box, i will make the decision. Yes, it sounds silly. But this wont happen if i could keep istiqamah keeping the box green.

For the record,49 days was the best i had but unfortunately the remaining 11 days couldn't wait.

Another lesson was i didn't let her know my plan.

Then, i remember these words sent by mom.

"Good girl for good boys. Maybe you're not good enough, be a better saliq".

Yes, your mum's words beat any other words found on internet.

Let's aim bigger, 90 days green box. Pray for me ya!

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