02 October 2016

Oh Kim !

7th day - I'm still at offshore . Finally managed to get a wifi connection.  Staring at the beautiful sea scenery every 6.30 in the morning is one of the calm feeling you ever had.

But this field costs me a lot. Quality times, social life and maybe my relationship that involves commitment . Have you ever felt disappointed when you couldn't come to your friend and family wedding/ event?

I always managed to put the gear up and move on .

People say about first step of moving on is by erasing all the memories . I kept a few picture and the whole conversation . The conversations that contain words of sincere and hope but unreplied due to ignorance and selfishness .

Well, scripts is not always written the way we want it to be .

A) appreciating is the most beautiful thing you need to posses
B) when it's gone , it's gone
C) don't take things for granted

Oh Kim, I hope you're doing well.

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