13 February 2013

Warm Up Process.

My brain is tired . My body isn't. Mentally fatigued. If you have nothing to do but just laying on the bed looking up and having an over-active imagination , this will happen.

Met my uncle yesterday, he is a businessman. Resigned lecturer who now runs a multi business in Ipoh.  Being a lecturer was so tedious, doing the same thing everyday, he said.Talking about life, career and freedom. The third subject will be interesting if i have already put some effort towards it. But still, to be there you need to have a road map at least. Still don't have any.

Still having the same unmotivated university lifestyle until today. Back from office, take a bath, go out for dinner, turn On the PC, watching movie, tired eyes, go back sleep. Wake up in the morning, surviving during office hours.

My career growth is going nowhere. Not as I expected orrrr promised. How the hell I accept this job year ago? But do believe, hikmah and only He knows the best for me.

Still remember when my best friend here decided to quit and followed his wife to UK, he once said to me. 

"In your Doa, don't pray for the better but for the best, He knows the best for you".

Yeah, I need to pray. Pray harder. 

And obviously I need a new  life. Pleasing your heart first, the exact word should be pleasing your self first at all aspects.

Maybe go to cinema tonight, watch Manchester U Vs Real Madrid and a cup of coffee at late hours will do , at least for today.



Lady In Black said...

saya faham perasaan itu. selama 5 tahun setgh saya buat/ulang rutin yg sama. saya bosan. then resign. balik kampung. find another job. bosan lagi. then resign lagi. and now i'm doing NOTHING. that's life..

Fuz said...

Well done bro.

Primadona said...

Hidup memang begitu bukan melainkan kita ada manual guide untuk pandu kita ke arah kehidupan yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya. :)

Fuz said...

Primadona : manual guide yer. haha

Cik Nadz said...

Agreed. Tiba!XD