09 April 2013

Violence thought


I sensed something bad was about to happen. I put the mirror on the small shelf. I noticed it was not stable and might fall and broke. But my move to change the position of the mirror was being stopped by some sort of "biarlah" thought.

I walked out , heading to the car then I heard the expected sound.


I went back in. I saw the mirror already on the floor. Broken. Later. I will clean it later. I shut the door. Drove all the way to the office like nothing happened

I went back from Pasar Malam. At the Pasar Malam I saw one chinese guy selling 1 set DVD of Walking dead tv series at RM32. After asking a few questions. I bought it.

I put the laptop on the small chair. Watching the first episode of the third season.

Then , my eyes were so heavy to continue watching it. I decided to go bed early. It was Macnchester Derby at 3AM. I set the alarm at 2.30 AM.

I look at the position of the laptop. Not stable and might fall off if I "mengigau " nanti. The chair was just beside my bed.

But my intention to put it down on the floor once again being stopped by the same f***** "biarlah" thought.


I woke up from a deep sleep after hearing the sound. It was the laptop. Fell on the floor. I watched my phone to see what time it was. My phone was dead. I turned it on.

It was already 4.17. Damn it.

I just missed the firs half of the game. Manchester Derby.

And then the same thought came again.

"BIARLAH". I went back to sleep. I woke up at 6.40 AM.

What the hell is happening?


FARYN said...


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ahjula said...

org ganu kabo sikap 'dok amik cakne' means tak amik berat. macam tu lah. 'biarlah'. then when something happened, barulah nak menyesal tak sudah..errrmmm..

Primadona said...

Rasa macam nak baca je entri yang kau baru post. "BIARLAH.Nanti kalau free aku baca" hahaaha! Joking.

Apsal aku baca enttri yang satu ni aku rasa kau macam x da mood or dengan erti kata kau macam ada masalah eh?

Fuz said...

FARYN: apekah kan?
ahjula: ok, aku baru first time dengar.
Primadona: biasala, dtg bulan.