19 August 2013

-Nurul Nadirah Rustam

Banyak benda nak cerita pasal Nadirah a few months ago.  To be exact , a lot to tell just after she said, she was engaged to someone a few months ago.

I'm not disappointed at all. We have been very close since we broke up. To be honest, I do feel really happy for her. 

And the fact that says one cannot be best friend with one's ex tak applicable for both of us rasanya.

Hari ni dia Whatsapp 

"Why my bos muka macam you,tinggi semua sama, why , why, why"

Err, hensem tak?

"Kenapa typo lagi, dah lama kot pakai touch screen"

Dah lama tak message awek agaknya.

OK, dah hilang one option,HAHA.

Semoga Sampai Syurga Nadirah Rustam!!