21 November 2013

-Kata-kata engineer mentah: pursuit of happiness need one to work more harder and harder.

Tapi sure kalau gua call bapak gua dekat rumah, sambil dia tengah layan dengan hobi dia bagi makan ayam pun sure dia setuju.

Maybe I'm too young in this private sector industry but there are two vital minded that a private worker should bear in mind.

1. Who serve us better & the benefit is better, we go for them.
2. We cannot apply the "Glimmer of hope" idiom in this industry.

It is all about self initiative & surely hard work never betray you.

I agree with you son. (Ini bapak gua jawab tadi).

Kul 7 dah, tak baik solat lambat2, malaikat turun naik banyak kali mintak approval nanti. Jom2, solat.

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